Aurora WorkSchedule was the first project we at Aurora Digital went through, we had a contact in a company that were housing up to 400 maintanence workers and they were distributing their work schedules by printing out excel sheets and hanging them on the wall.

We built a progressive web app which allows managers to simply upload the excel sheet and have it distributed to the entire workforce in seconds.

Our solution was not only very robust, it was elegant in it’s simplicity

Tech stack

Frontend: ReactJS

Backend: ExpressJS with Firebase as a Backend as a service to provide things such as database & Authentication.

Project In details

This project had two goals.

  1. Improve my skills in React JS
  2. To build something with real world application

Turning an excel sheet into a scalable workschedule

White labeling

As my intended customer group were larger companies, I put great efforts into ensuring that the webapp’s interface could easily be customized to different brands.

Fazer example


Responsive to the core

As I wanted to make this project as robust as possible, I ensured that all parts of the webapp was completly responsive to fit any screen or device.

Gif of responsiveness


We set out to make a simple web app, and we accomplished that, people are used to working with clunky tools and most of our target audience were not comfortable with learning new digital tools so we built something that would allow anyone update their company’s work schedule with 3 clicks.


If you are interested in using Aurora WorkSchedule please drop me a line.