Aurora Digital was founded on a simple purpose – disrupting the digital service industry. With our experienced team and an extensive network of partners in Digital Marketing & Web/Mobile development services, we help our clients worldwide get exactly what they want

We had heard a lot of the bad stories related to remote outsourcing, and as a company we decided that we will be a local agency that utalizes our network of partners to keep the costs down, as our team already had a lot of connections with people in the IT industry we were able to broker deals with large suppliers and our network currently reaches over 350 developers, designers and other IT professionals.


My role is CTO, I’m in charge of all IT related services, I both negotiated the project with the client, setup a team to build it and worked as a project manager ensuring deadlines was met, that all parties were up to date on the current process.


  • Huge network
  • Self sufficient within 5 months of founding the company
  • Bootstrapped startup with no funding
  • Worked with clients from 6 different countries (Finland, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, United States and Vietnam)